Community Stage Auditions



Company follows Bobby, a commitment-phobic 35-year-old New Yorker through a musical dissection of love and relationships. Aided by the advice of his five married-couple friends, Bobby juggles the pros and cons of marriage with an endearing skepticism that will have audiences laughing and nodding in recognition. The original Broadway production was nominated for a record-setting 14 Tony nominations and won six, including Best Musical, in 1970. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by George Furth.


Director: Ann Ngaire Martin

Music Director: Marcus Baker

Stage Manager: Caroline Scherer


Rehearsals will begin the week of September 11


November 3 at 8pm

November 4 at 8pm

November 5 at 2pm

November 10 at 8pm

November 11 at 8pm

November 12 at 2pm


Thursday, Sept 7 from 6:30-9:30

Saturday, Sept 9 from 12-4

Callbacks (if needed) will be held on Sept 10 from 3-8pm

Location: Arc Stages – 147 Wheeler Avenue, Pleasantville NY

Please prepare a brief contemporary musical theatre song.
An accompanist will be provided.
No appointment is necessary.


AMY (Female 25-35) A frantic neurotic engaged to Paul but terrified of marriage. After a mental breakdown, she finally realizes that Paul is, in fact, her soulmate. Range: G3 – A5

APRIL (Female 25-35) A girlfriend of Robert’s. She is a flight attendant who came to New York to live in Radio City. Ditzy and adorable. Range: A3 – A5

DAVID (Male 30-40) Jenny’s husband, he is relaxed and always in control. Believes a man should be married and that the sacrifice of freedom is worth what you get in return. Range: B3 – A5

HARRY (Male 35-45) Sarah’s husband. He is a recovering alcoholic continually falling off the wagon. Believes the advantages of marriage outweigh the disadvantages. Range: A3 – A5

JENNY (Female 30-40) Quietly manipulative, simultaneously square and wise. Loves her husband, David, and will indulge him from time to time. Range: A3 – A5

JOANNE (Female 40-50) Acerbic, demanding, and blunt. Too old to be part of the young crowd, but not old enough to be part of the older crowd. Puts on a brassy front that melts when she is alone with her husband. Range: G3 – B5

KATHY (Female 25-35) An old girlfriend of Robert’s, who is now considered a good friend. She plans to leave the City for a life of domesticity. Sweet and loving. Range: A3 – A5

LARRY (Male 45-55) Joanne’s husband. He is stoic and centered, but has moments of goofiness. Indulges his wife’s behavior but knows when to put his foot down. Range: B3 – A5

MARTA (Female 20-30) A girlfriend of Robert’s. Intensely modern, who is seeking adventure and excitement in the City. Range: A3 – A5

PAUL (Male 30-40) Amy’s fiancé. Mildly clingy, but patient to her neurotic nature. He is fully committed to the idea of marriage and encourages Robert to do the same. Range: B3 – A5

PETER (Male 30-40) Susan’s husband. The perfect husband and ex-husband. He is very liberal in his view of relationships. Range: B3 – A5

ROBERT (Male 30-35) The story’s protagonist, he is a keen observer who appears happy but holds pain in his heart. He is the only one of his friends still single. Terrified of marriage and fears a lifelong loneliness. Range: G3 – G5

SARAH (Female 30-40) Harry’s hyper critical wife. She is an avid learner of karate and tends to overeat. Open, accepting, and full of love. Range: A3 – A5

SUSAN (Female 30-40) A delicate southern belle. Peter’s wife and ex-wife. Motherly in her affections towards Robert. Range: A3 – A5