If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Front Office –standard office work. Knowledge in Word, Excel, and Quickbooks is helpful, but not necessary.

Box office – before every show, we need people to manage the front of the house, which includes selling tickets, will call, scanning in ticket holders, and acting as a representative for the theater. Ushering – we need ushers to hand out programs and show patrons to their seats before the show.


Postering – advertising is an incredibly important part of what we do here. Each of our shows has its own poster, which needs to be hung around town—coffee shops, train stations, libraries, bulletin boards… anywhere it can be seen so people know what’s coming up for us.


Building maintenance – we are so glad to finally be in our own space, but general upkeep of the space is a big job. Responsibilities include but are not limited to cleaning, organizing, gardening, and seasonal tasks (raking, snow shoveling).


Sets – we design unique sets for almost every show we do here, and can always use an extra set of hands to build, paint, do carpentry, paper mache, hammer, staple, duct tape, and whatever else the day requires. Generally daytime hours, previous experience not necessary.


Strike – taking down each set is just as important as putting it up. After every show we have to dismantle, recycle, and put away the set to make room for the next show.


Costumes – we have sewing jobs for absolutely every level, from replacing a button to making a ball gown and everything in between. We need people to do repairs and alterations, organize our stock, and do all kinds of projects, so come pick one up!


Props – props are a big part of every show. We have a large collection that we draw from, but we constantly acquiring new things. Jobs include finding and organizing props in our stock, searching out unique props, and fixing and/or altering props to fit the current show.